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Dawson Eagle Band & Catalyst Color Guard


Welcome to the whirlwind of being a part of the Dawson Eagle Band! There’s a lot to know about band. In our first-ever Dawson Band Parent Flight Guide some “seasoned” parents (aka Band Boosters officers) have attempted to highlight what we think will help you, as a parent, have a fun-filled, rather than stressful, band experience. 


Band is much more than just a class elective for your student... with over 300 members, the Dawson Eagle Band is THE largest student organization at Glenda Dawson High School and is filled with the best Eagle spirit and pride.


Band is about music, color guard choreography, learning, teamwork, commitment, time management, forging friendships, and fun. Take pride in the effort your student will be expending to be a part of their Dawson Band family. Respect and encourage your student and other students by taking an active role by meeting the commitments needed from each family: Volunteering at games and other fundraising activities. Volunteering to assist in a support role that interests you. Being there at performance time whether it’s in our beautiful Dawson auditorium concert hall or at a football game on a hot, humid OR cold, drizzly OR perfect fall temp Friday night — our Dawson Band Booster parents are ALWAYS there together and having the best time! 


Our Dawson Eagle Band Parent Flight Guide may not have all the answers you seek, so be sure that you familiarize yourself with the Official Band Handbook issued by the Directors. Consider ours a serious yet lighthearted attempt to make your family’s Dawson Eagle Band & Catalyst Color Guard experience more enjoyable. 

updated 7/26/2023

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