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Dawson HS Catalyst


Colorguard is a truly unique and enriching activity coined as “The Sport of the Arts” by Winter Guard International. It consists of demanding athletic skills like sports but also pageantry and theatrics like the arts. The Catalyst Colorguard is the biggest visual component of the marching band program at Dawson. The Catalyst Colorguard utilizes flags, rifles, sabres, dance, performance and theatrics to help convey the emotion of the music while visually representing what the audience is hearing. The Catalyst Colorguard then has their own competitive season during the spring where they compete indoors against the most competitive groups around the country. Catalyst competes in the Texas Colorguard Circuit (TCGC) and Winter Guard International (WGI).


The Catalyst Colorguard is an award-winning organization. They currently have 5 TCGC State Championships titles, are 3-time TCGC State Championship medalists,  3-time WGI World Championships Scholastic A Semi-Finalists, 2017 Scholastic A 5th Place Finalist, Scholastic Open regional finalist 2018-2020, and most recently a 2021 World Championship Scholastic open Semi-Finalist.

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